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KNR Consulting

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KNR focuses on all business domains and we believe that generating ideas and executing them simultaneously is very crucial for business growth.

We have specialized teams to perform and produce results for long breakthrough and prepare our clients of what their competitors would do years after.

Corporate Management

KNR is broadly involved in the following domains of corporate management:
  • Corporate Strategy Planning and Development
  • Formulation and review of policies
  • Change Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Improving and maintaining overall operational efficiency
  • Technology Review, Planning & Management
  • Operations Management
  • Quality Management Program Development and Implementation
  • Business Planning
  • Enterprise Diagnostics

Financial Consulting

KNR offers a wide range of financial consultation in the following areas:
  • Analysis, Assessment & Financial re-structuring
  • Arranging finances in accordance to project feasibility
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Accounting Auditing & Taxation consulting
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Investments and Portfolio management
  • Development and implementation of Costing & Financial management systems

MAiNPOWER (HR Consulting division of KNR)

Permanent Staffing

Database Selection
  • Fulfilling requirements for middle/junior profiles.
  • Customized service as per clients job descriptions, organization culture, etc.
  • Fast response time to client requirements.
  • Segregated CVs and candidate assessment for quick delivery.
Advertised Recruitment
  • Specialized segment of professionals for specific roles & positions.
  • Expertise of handling requirements and projects at all levels.
  • Ease the process of finding suitable people.
  • To create organizational awareness and candidate’s interest.
Turnkey Recruitment
KNR’s Turnkey Recruitment caters the needs in junior/middle management levels. It is best suited for start-ups, new project ventures, capacity expansions, and sudden increase in workforce or geographical expansion of teams.
  • We provide 'just in time' workforce against time restrictions.
  • Mass level recruitments at multiple sites.
  • Whole HR coordination – interview, assessment, etc.
Executive Search
KNR team brings together diverse talent with a strong industry centric focus. Our Executive Search Business is garnished by industry expertise & practice, giving us a better understanding of client requirements.

One of our key organizational values is timeliness and with every search assignment being led by our team, we maintain an ongoing communication with the client to ensure smooth flow of information at correct point of time.

And that is why we have been able to build greater depth in each of our industry practices and also bring in better understanding to each of the geographies that we are present in.

Each assignment is headed by respective Vertical Head and a dedicated Research Associate.

Temporary / Contractual staffing

KNR provides highly cost effective and dependable temp-staffing solutions to its clients (companies, MNC’s, academic institutions, SME’s & NGOs). We help clients manage their short-term and long term goals by establishing a co-employment relationship and taking full responsibility for the compliances, administration and HR activities related to temp employees.Flexibility is the key, whether the requirement is a simple payroll service or a total outsourced solution. The service is individually tailored as per client requirements.

Our services cover the following industry segments:

Telecom, IT & ITES, BPO, Pharmaceuticals, Aviation, BFSI, FMCG / FMCD Retail, Manufacturing, Hotels, Infrastructure & Construction.

The services include:

Identifying the associates based on client understanding and requirements
  • Mapping functional skill requirement, qualifications and trade specialization
Managing HR , Payroll activities and Benefits Administration
  • Systematic induction and joining formalities of new joinees
  • Monthly payroll and TDS computation
  • Payslip generation
  • Tax advice to employees with details of tax saving investments
Compliances under CLRA and all applicable labour laws
  • Application/ Renewal/ Amendment of CLRA License
  • Maintaining of Registers like Muster Roll, Wage Register and so on
  • Monthly deductions and filing
  • Annual/half-yearly statement preparation and filing
  • Liaise with LIC for superannuating and gratuity funds
  • Statutory audit

Marketing Consulting

  • Marketing Strategies design and implementation
  • New product Development & Launch
  • Advertisement planning & impact study
  • Price formulation Strategy
  • Distribution Channel Strategy Formulation
  • Brand development
KNR’s marketing consulting services are being customized to help companies make better business decisions about the development and marketing of new products also. Market management services will help our clients in all these fields.

Customer Analysis
Our customer analysis involves gathering data about the customers and their characteristics.

Competitor Analysis
We conduct competitor analysis and a SWOT analysis to help you overcome your weakness and provide better than your competitors

Risk Analysis
Our risk analysis services can be used to help our clients gather external information and research its possible effect on the competitiveness of the company. After probabilities of scenarios have been calculated with risk analysis, the process of risk management can be applied to help manage the risk.

Product Research
KNR conducts extensive product research to find out the marketability of a product or service.

Advertising Research
Our Advertising research strives to gain valuable information about the effects and reach of advertising your products in different forms of media.

Services for Foreign Companies

Market Evaluation and Assessment
In the highly competitive markets, it is not easy to understand the challenges and opportunities that impact your business. If you have to meet the decisive moments with informed action, then you need Market Insights, offering insights that ensure you meet challenges and maximize opportunities with preparedness and keep you a step ahead of the competition.

Market Research
Our Market Research offers measurement-based market strategies developed through our exclusive market engineering methodology. Our Research includes critical analysis of your industry and industry sectors, offering accurate, reliable, unbiased, actionable market information. Utilize this information to make confident, more informed decisions and spawn new ideas for growth.

Market Entry Strategies
The comprehensive analysis on best practices is an invaluable source to companies for new ideas to improve strategies and processes, which ultimately drive corporate growth. The research also identifies companies, products, processes and executives that have achieved world class performances.

Customer Surveys
We can accurately measure the satisfaction level of your customer base in a variety of areas. Customer Surveys are designed to improve your company's customer focus and drive sales. Customer surveys are designed to improve your company's customer focus and drive sales.

Business And Financial Surveys
Market insight consultants serve clients around the world in all aspects of financial analysis, market research, investment valuation and other proprietary research. Many of the group's clients operate in the financial services industry, including investment bankers, private equity professionals, and institutional investors.

You will be assisted by online/ personal counseling and marketing efforts for the following:

Marketing Strategies
formulation of different kind of unique marketing strategies, marketing plan and assistance on its implementation

Market Research
local, national and international market research based on primary and secondary data

Professional assistance right from beginning of brand building to brand equity

Advertising and Publicity
  • Advertising material
  • Media planning
  • Public relation
  • Sales planning
  • Sales strategy
  • Promotional material and strategy

Global Knowledge Research Centre

Our business market research services helps in creating a business plan, launch a new product or service, help your existing products and services expand into new markets. Our research assesses all the seven P’s and the four C’s to see where the client is lagging to make it reach the top of the market.